Low-Carb Dieting and the Waterfall Diet

A downloadable E-guide

Written for those who want to lose body fat and water weight.) This E-guide is in pdf format and can be read on any device.

Low-carb diets help you lose body fat. The Waterfall Diet helps you lose water retention and hidden water weight

Now for the first time in this condensed 36-page E-guide, Linda Lazarides explains how to lose more weight by combining both types of dieting.

Includes full instructions for the Waterfall Diet including foods to eat and avoid, and six sample recipes.

Review from Amazon.com

“I lost a pound when I got up Saturday and another today, Sunday. I have never lost two pounds in two days on any diet before.”

Linda Lazarides is an international natural health expert, author of eight books and principal of the School of Modern Naturopathy. She has successfully treated hundreds of people referred to her by doctors.

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