Linda's Flat Stomach Secrets

Ground-breaking new facts that can help you get the figure you want more easily than you ever dreamed.

Packed with little-known information, Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets explains the five main causes of an expanding waistline and includes a comprehensive program and 7-day diet to begin to tackle it. You could lose as much as three inches from your waistline in three months. Discover

  • How to avoid developing obsessive food cravings
  • How to rebalance the hormones that control belly fat
  • A cool way of walking that powerfully works out your tummy muscles at the same time
  • What is intestinal plaque and how it can cause bloating
  • A deep-cleansing routine to tackle bloating, gas and water retention.


I found this book very informative and enlightening to say the least. Many things are explained that I have not been aware of.

Linda Lazarides is an international natural health expert, author of eight books and principal of the School of Modern Naturopathy. She has successfully treated hundreds of people referred to her by doctors.

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